American Roulette Tips in Australia for 2023

As it is already known among the roulette players, one can choose between two major types of this game, the European model, and the American model. Which one is the ancestor of today’s modern roulette is still being debated on many forums and blogs, as well as between the players themselves. No matter what the result of that discussion would be, one is certain: roulette is attracting more and more players on a daily basis, whether they choose to play it in a land-based or in an online casino. The best place for one to start gaining his roulette experience would be, where you can come across a high variety of games, for example, Mini Roulette, and Multi Wheel Roulette. There is also a Mobile Roulette, which supports both Android and iOS platforms. On this site, one can discover and possibly claim some phenomenal bonuses, too!
The American type of a roulette game originates from the 18th century, according to data. It came to America with French immigrants who crossed the ocean after the French revolution. The French type of playing didn’t impress the Americans very much, especially casino owners, so they decided to add some minor changes, in favour to increase the low house edge that was offered by the European version.
After several changes and redecorations, today’s modern and final form of American roulette has 38 fields (numbers), 1-36, zero and double-zero field, which increases the house edge significantly. Except for the US, it also spread across some European countries, mostly in the UK.

American Roulette Games in a Nutshell

As said above, the main characteristic of this roulette type is that it contains two zero fields, the first with one zero and the second with a double-zero mark. That is the only significant difference between the two roulette variants; everything else, including the wheel design, table layout, types of bets, etc. is pretty much the same.
Some experienced players are providing the information that the American roulette wheel tends to spin a little bit faster, but that fact is still in the domain of theory.
Payoff odds in the American version also slightly differ from the European one. For example:

  • Straight-up bet – 35:1
  • Split bet – 17:1
  • Street bet – 11:1
  • Corner bet – 8:1
  • Six line – 5:1
  • Dozen – 2:1
  • Column – 2:1
  • Red or black – 1:1
  • Odd or even – 1:1
  • High or low – 1:1

The American roulette offers an additional betting option, the so-called five number bet, but the house edge on this kind of wager is enormous! In this kind of bet, one places the chip covering 1, 2, 3 and both of the zeros. The payoff ratio for this particular bet is 6:1.
Before we immerse into the pro-American roulette playing, the first and the most logical advice is: give yourself some playtime via free demo online playing to gain experience and routine before you start playing for real money.

Keep the Focus on the Outside Bets

As in both variations of roulette, there are two types of wagers one can place – the inside bets, which offer higher payoffs, but lower probability of winning and the outside bets, that offer the opposite, lower prize amounts, but higher chances of earning some cash. Although inside bets fell much more tempting, less experienced players should, at least in the start, stick to the outside ones.
Outside bets like Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low have the best possible payoff ratio of 1:1. Dozen and Column bets, which are also the part of the outside bets, also have a great payout ratio of 2:1. Although the amount of money won is not that high, their high chance of winning is what makes these bets worthwhile.
But, in case one can’t resist placing the inside bet, he should place his wager on the adjacent numbers and try to keep away from single number bets. The payout ratio for the Split bet is 17:1, for the Street bet (a bet on three number on the same single line) the ratio is 11:1, for the Corner bet (a bet on four numbers with mutual crossing point) the ratio is 8:1. There is also the Basket bet (when one places his wager on zero, double-zero, 1, 2 and 3), which offers a payout ratio of 6:1 and is only available in the American version. Double Street bet (bet on two adjoining lines of three numbers each) offers the ratio of 5:1.
Now that you are familiar with payout ratios, you are ready to choose your game. But always have one thing in your mind – the higher the payout ratio is, the lower is the possibility of going home with a full wallet.

Avoid Wager Overspreading

This is the most common and the most frequent mistake among amateur players. There is no need for overspreading your bets when there are combinations with fewer bets that carry a lesser cost but have the same probability of monetizing pretty much the same income. So, don’t disperse your money covering a high number of fields, stop, think for a while, calculate and choose one or a couple of betting combinations that will not take you to the negative outcome. Maybe you won’t earn some money, but staying on positive zero is better than going negative regarding profitability.

Look for Bonuses and Comps

Due to the high house edge in the American roulette, many casinos offer all kinds of bonuses, some of them specially designed for this game only. For example, there are welcoming bonuses, sign up offers, reload bonuses, etc. It would be beneficial to read terms and conditions and learn about those bonus giveaways and their requirements, before rushing into the game.
Another thing to look for is the so-called “comps”. They stand for complimentary items and services given by the casino in favour to encourage the players to keep their game on. But, there is a catch. The vast majority of online casinos give these comps only when one plays for real money. So, browse the web carefully in search of the appropriate casinos which offer high comps points. One of the best choices would be, where you can come across a large variety of games, such as Double Ball Roulette and Live Roulette and casinos where you can find them. You will also discover many bonuses and comps!

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