The Fisher Roulette Strategy in Australia for 2023

Who Invented Fisher Strategy?

The inventor of the Fisher Roulette Strategy is Samuel Fisher, but there is no clear information about who he really is: some sources claim that he owned a casino in London back in the 19th century and decided to unravel the secrets of the roulette game before he died. Some sources mention that he was a professional roulette player and did not share his system with anyone until he retired.

In any case, there is a book written by a man named Samuel Fisher and published in London in 1924. The name of this book is “The Sealed Book of Roulette and Trente-et-Quarante,” and it is published by Fleetway Press, Ltd. To tell you the truth, we cannot confirm that this book exists – although there are many books of the same name, the author and publisher information is different.

However, every source mentioning the Fisher roulette system speaks of this book written about 90 years ago and promises to share the “secret” with you for a “low fee”. So, you can’t purchase this book written by Samuel Fisher, but you can buy other books that talk about it and learn the “secret”.The ‘Gamblers Bookcase Review’ by Martin J. Silverthorne is a good example. We bought and read this book. You can also download a Fisher roulette strategy PDF file, if you are feeling adventurous.

This is a 180-page PDF file, and until page 100, the Fisher system is not mentioned, only general information is given, and other systems are discussed. The last 80 pages show how Fisher’s roulette strategy works. So, what is this strategy and does it really work? More importantly, are these books worth buying? Below, you will find answers to these questions.

Fisher Roulette Strategy Explained: What You Need to Do

Fisher strategy is not a progressive betting system, but it still requires increasing the wager amount. However, you won’t be doing this aggressively, like in Martingale Strategy. You will follow a formula and increase your wagers in a certain order. There are three important things to know about this strategy:

  1. It works on all variants of roulette. You can use the Fisher system in European, American, and French roulette.
  2. The system is designed to work with the outside betting system. In other words, you will place only red/black, odd/even, and low/high bets. Do not use the inside betting system because the system is not designed for them.
  3. While all variants of roulette are perfectly fine, the Fisher system recommends using the European or French variants, due to spins per hour values. The system works best with short game sessions, and it is possible to make 30 spins per hour in European/French variants. In the American variant, this value is 50 spins per hour (on average). Basically, the faster the wheel spins, the faster you win.

So far, so good, right? Ok, here comes the strategy itself. First, you need a pen and paper because you need to take notes and keep track of your previous sessions & wager amounts. The idea here is actually simple: your starting bankroll can be any amount you wish. You will place four bets with the same starting amount. And if you lose all, you will use the total of the last three for your fifth wager.

Does it sound complex? Ok, here is a practical example:

  • We start playing with AUD 10. It is not important which bets we pick, as long as they are outside bets, as mentioned above. For the next three rounds, our bet amount will be AUD 10, we won’t increase it.
  • We also start taking notes of our bet amounts. We will keep doing this until we lose 4 rounds in total. At the end of the fourth round, our sheet will look like this: 10 + 10 + 10 + 10. This means we played four rounds, wagered AUD 10 in each, and lost all of them.
  • Now, for the fifth round, our wager amount will be AUD 30. Why? Because Fisher roulette system tells us to lose the first number in this sequence and use the sum of the rest for the fifth round. After losing the first number, the sequence looks like this: 10 + 10 + 10. So, 30 in total.
  • Now, AUD 30 is our bet amount for the fifth round. If we lose again, we will use this amount for the next three bets. So, after completing eight rounds in total, our sheet will look like this: 30 + 30 + 30 + 30. Guess what we are going to do in the ninth round?
  • You guessed it right, we will place AUD 90 for the ninth round. We lost the first number in the sequence and used the sum of the rest (30 + 30 + 30). And this will keep on and on until we score a winning. After that, we can go back to the beginning and start betting AUD 10 again.

So, yes, the Fisher roulette strategy requires increasing the bet amount too, but not as aggressively as Martingale or any other progressive betting system. It is like a controlled increase, which gives you more control over your budget.

Can You Really Win Big with the Fisher Strategy?

According to the PDF file, it is possible to win AUD 384 after 500 spins, with 3 AUD base bets. The book claims that:

  • If you bet AUD 1, you can win AUD 12.80 an hour (average)
  • If you bet AUD 2, you can win AUD 25.60 an hour (average)
  • If you bet AUD 5, you can win AUD 64.00 an hour (average)
  • If you bet AUD 10, you can win AUD 128 an hour (average)
  • If you bet AUD 25, you can win AUD 320 an hour (average)

The faster the game, the faster will be the winnings. These are, of course, absurd figures – nobody in this world can win AUD 320 an hour by investing AUD 25 only. These data show the maximum numbers you can win in theoretical game sessions where everything goes perfect. In real life, they will be, of course, much lower. However, in any case, it is possible to win big with the Fisher roulette system, just not this much.

Martingale Vs. Fisher

Martingale roulette strategy has two major problems:

  • It requires increasing the wager amount after every loss. This means if you cannot score a winning in a short amount of time, there is a risk of going bankrupt. Fisher roulette strategy, however, gives you much more time to win and beat the casino.
  • As you increase the wagers constantly, you reach the table limits in a very short time in the Martingale strategy. And it becomes useless after that because you cannot increase more than these limits. The Fisher strategy extends the time it takes to reach table limits, and the strategy has more time to make a profit.

Overall, the Fisher roulette system is the better strategy.

Disadvantages of Fisher Strategy: No System Is Perfect

Fisher is a perfect strategy for bankroll management, but it has no effect on your winning chances. The only thing you get is a longer time to make a profit: Like all other strategies, the Fisher system has no effect on the RTP or house edge rates. If you are unlucky enough, even in this system, you will eventually reach the table limits or go bankrupt, but both will not happen early in the game and not as quickly as, for example, in the Martingale.

Better Than Martingale, Still Needs a Big Budget

We recommend Martingale strategy only to high-rollers because you need a really big budget to cover your losses until you start winning. In this context, we recommend the Fisher strategy to “medium-rollers”. Yes, you still need a big budget but not as big as for the Martingale. Even casual players can enjoy the Fisher roulette strategy. At least they can manage their budgets more efficiently. Reviews of other roulette strategies and tips here.

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