The Fibonacci Strategy in Australia for 2023

Fibonacci full name is Leonardo Fibonacci and he became famous for his Fibonacci Sequence which, eventually, casino players began to apply as Fibonacci game strategy. Leonardo Fibonacci was born around 1170 in Pisa. When he was traveling together with his father around the Mediterranean coast, he was learning about merchants’ commonly used system of calculations. He realized this system is very advantageous as it was based on using a place value system and soon decided to write a book on it which was called The Book of Calculation or Liber Abaci.

This book introduced Hindu-Arabic numerals and explained the numeration with 0-9 digits. The book also explained the practical use of the Hindu-Arabic numeral system in different spheres of life: money transactions, measures conversion, bookkeeping, etc.  Liber Abaci was well appreciated by Europe of that time which eventually led to the popularization and wide usage of the Hindu-Arabic calculation system. In the book, he described the system of sequence which lies in the ides that each number is the sum of the last 2 numbers, however, at that time he did not use “0” which, by the way, nowadays is commonly used.

The system ended at “377” and now is known as a golden ratio, however, Fibonacci claimed that this was not the limit of the sequence. Later on, this system of the sequence was called The Fibonacci Sequence. Roullete is an example of the Fibonacci sequence game, however, you can use this golden ratio wherever you want. Of course, this strategy will not tell you what are the best numbers to put on roulette, but it can be helpful as a strategy for placing bets.

As can be understood from this knowledge, he has no connection to roulette games: in fact, during his lifetime, there was no such thing as roulette. Fibonacci numbers are infinite and consist of a doubling sequence. That means each number in the sequence is the addition of the previous two numbers. It is not that complicated, let’s explain it by giving an example: 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34. 1 + 1, the result is 2. 2 + 1, the result is 3 and so on. The system repeats itself this way. Good, but does it really work?
Well, what does this sequence have to do with roulette games? Fibonacci numbers are related to the “Golden Ratio” and is purely a mathematician betting. In other words, they are often seen in nature and influence many people. Even if you are unaware, most online casino websites are designed according to the Golden Ratio: these designs are more liked and seem more “natural”.

Gamblers believe that this sequence, which can also be seen in nature, can also be used in casino games. The system is particularly common in the UK but is known and practiced all over the world. So, does it really work? If you prefer to play real money roulette games, should you use this strategy? Let’s take a look at it together.

How does the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy Work?

We came to the point of practice, so how can this Fibonacci golden ratio be related to the betting? Well, it is easy, each number is a value of the bet per spin. The bet could be of any monetary unit and of any value. In most cases, the online casinos accept a minimum of AUD 5 for the bet. However, we recommend you limit the value of bet to at least 5% of your overall bankroll.

  1. The player places a bet according to the first number in the Fibonacci ratio
  2. If the player loses, he places the bet according to the next number in the sequence
  3. When he wins, he moves two numbers backward. When the player gets to the beginning of the ratio, he should keep betting accordingly

The player can bet on odd/even, black/red or high/low.

Fibonacci is a progressive strategy, so you have to increase your bets every round. But you know exactly how much you need to increase and which bets to place in advance. The Fibonacci strategy is considered as a system with a medium risk ratio. As your bets are increasing in a controlled way, you do not lose too much in a short amount of time. To use the system, you only need to deposit 4 betting options: Odd / Even, Red / Black, 1-18, and 19-36. You can choose any, but you cannot use any other bet types. This is because these betting options offer the best chance of winning.

The system works on both European and American roulette. However, you should prefer the European version because you are more likely to win.
Let’s give an example:

  • Start by depositing 5 pounds for any of the 4 bet options mentioned above.
  • If you lose, deposit 5 pounds again.
  • If you lose, put 10 pounds.
  • If you lose, deposit 15 pounds.
  • Still losing? Place 25 pounds this time.

No need to extend further: as long as you lose, you need to use the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence as your bet amount. When you win, you have to go back two rows in the sequence.

10 Rounds of Using the Fibonacci System

Spin Bet Result Income
1 AUD 5 Lose -AUD 5
2 AUD 5 Lose -AUD 10
3 AUD 10 Lose -AUD 20
4 AUD 15 Lose -AUD 35
5 AUD 25 Lose -AUD 60
6 AUD 40 Win -AUD 20
7 AUD 15 Win -AUD 5
8 AUD 25 Lose -AUD 30
9 AUD 40 Win AUD 10
10 AUD 15 Win AUD 25

Is Fibonacci Strategy Good for Real Money Roulette Games?

You should have guessed that the Fibonacci strategy is not about winning chances. This system only controls your bet amounts. Since there is no connection between the number of bets and the chance of winning, it simply does not work. This is just the “Gambler’s Fallacy” or “Golden Mean Fallacy”, which we have mentioned before in many of our articles. The odds of the options you are betting are only 47%. This rate also shows your chances of winning. Using the Fibonacci strategy does not increase or decrease this percentage.

Is it reasonable to set the betting amounts by using this system? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is also no. The most important feature of Fibonacci numbers is that they start to increase in a very short time frame. Do you remember that famous tale about the placing rice grains on a chessboard? Well, that was the Fibonacci sequence. After 34, all the numbers in the sequence are rising at a terrible pace. So if you invest 34 dollars according to this strategy and still cannot make a profit, you will start to lose money very fast.

All the guides recommending this strategy accept “34” as the last bet and assume that you will win until you reach that number. In reality, there is no such “guarantee”. After only 8 rounds you will reach a bet amount of AUD 34. After the tenth round, each bet will cost hundreds of dollars. It will not take long to reach the table limit, and if you still didn’t make a profit until then, you will go bankrupt. It is not a logical choice to set your bet amounts according to the Fibonacci numbers: if you cannot win during the first 4 or 5 rounds, you are likely to suffer. Even if you win, the profit you get will be pretty low. In short, the Fibonacci strategy does not work at all. Even the Martingale strategy sounds more reasonable than this one, and guess what: it doesn’t work too.

The Reverse Fibonacci Strategy

The Reverse Fibonacci strategy is the same popular like the classic one. The difference is that this progression is positive, unlike the classic Fibonacci strategy. According to this strategy, you should increase your bets almost double after winning. If you lose, you should go two numbers backward. For example, if you place AUD 5 and win, then again AUD 5 and win, your next wager should be AUD 10, but if you lose you will end up with nothing, however, in case you win, you will gain AUD 20. Afterwards, according to Fibonacci, you need to bet AUD 15 and even if you lose, you will still have your AUD 5.

10 Rounds of Using the Reverse Fibonacci System

Spin Bet Result Income
1 AUD 5 Win AUD 5
2 AUD 5 Win AUD 10
3 AUD 10 Win AUD 20
4 AUD 15 Lose AUD 5
5 AUD 5 Win AUD 10
6 AUD 10 Win AUD 20
7 AUD 15 Lose AUD 5
8 AUD 5 Win AUD 10
9 AUD 10 Win AUD 20
10 AUD 15 Win AUD 35

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Fibonacci Casino Strategy

There is no gambling system which is perfect for the gambler, and Fibonacci is not an exception. It may look quite simple and working, but, still, it has its drawbacks. You need to know where the end of the Fibonacci progression is. The Fibonacci system differs from the other gambling strategies where you can decide by yourself where to stop, unlike them, the Fibonacci strategy makes you follow its rules so you can end losing or winning big. Our recommendation is not to play more than 7 steps of the Fibonacci ratio.


  • Aggressive method of playing (you bet big even if you lose, and, eventually, it can lead to huge loses)
  • Fibonacci golden ratio was not specially developed for playing casino games
  • Does not work in the long run
  • You are limited to the maximum betting limit
  • Value of bets grow enormously
  • Strategy will not work with a limited budget


  • quite an understandable and easy-to-follow strategy
  • help to win money in the short term
  • easy to use at online ratio games as you are able to keep the track of the bets
  • can be applied to any roulette or ratio game

Free Practice Roulette Games to Test the Strategy

You can find hundreds of roulette games on our site and play them for free. How about you try the Fibonacci strategy in one of these games? We recommend French Roulette and Multi Wheel Roulette, but there are hundreds of games to choose from. Hours of free entertainment is waiting for you! If you want to play with real money, we also list the best online casinos and bonus codes that will give you an advantage. If you like Roulette games, our website is the best source you can find on the internet.

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