Getting the Best Odds at Roulette in Australia for 2023

Since 1642, when mathematician and inventor Pascal came up with an excellent idea which involved in one of the best inventions of all time, people have been playing the game of roulette. It is one of the oldest gambling “machines”. In times when there was no marketing, electricity or fast distribution, it spread quickly across Europe, America, and other continents.

Getting to Know Roulette Types

The very first wheel and table prototype are almost identical to the one we see nowadays except that the zero and additional 50/50 and 1/3 fields were added in the 19th and 20th century. Today, we have two main casino categories:

  • American version
  • European version

Since the zero field was added to provide the house edge, that is the only difference between these two. American has an additional number – a double zero. European roulette gives the house edge of around 2.7%, while the American doubles that because of the double zero and stands at around 5.5%.
As said, these are just the two main categories, but there are a lot more than just two roulette versions:

  • High Roller
  • Immersive
  • Multi Wheel
  • Double Ball
  • Classic

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Basic Steps for Getting Better Odds

Choose the Right Roulette Type

As the European has a lower house edge, it is evident that it is the one you are going to pick if you are looking for better odds. 2.7% means that out of AUD 100 bets, for example, the house takes AUD 2.7. This is just a simplified presentation of how it works, but it is just the percentage of all stakes that the house takes away. The prevalent myth is that when one table awards one player with massive amounts of real money, the chances of profiting at that table are minor in future. That is entirely not true as each round is random and unique.

Learn the Bet Types

It is essential to get familiar with both table and wheel, as numbers on the table are in consecutive order (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) while on the wheel they have a particular path which is same for every wheel in existence.

  • Numbers – 0 through 36, multiplies the stake by x36;
  • Odd or Even – Each area includes 18 numbers and increases the wager by x2;
  • Street – Betting on three numbers which are located one after another on the table;
  • Corner bet – Four numbers included in the bet by placing chips at their cross point;
  • Columns – Covers 1/3 of the table and has an x3 multiplier attached;
  • Dozens – Same as columns but divided horizontally;
  • Colours – Red and Black with 50% chances (lower because of the green zero).

The wheel is divided into three sections:

  • Zero Neighbors – 17 numbers around the green;
  • Orphelins – Centered digits;
  • Third – On the opposite side of the zero, with eight being in the middle.

Each area usually has a button dedicated to placing the chips on the chosen wheel area. This is a great way of covering a huge part of the wheel without stressing out that the ball is going to land somewhere between the numbers. By using this way of betting, if the ball goes to the right side, you are almost guaranteed to win (unless it, unfortunately, bounces out).

Keep Track of All Bets

Keep track of both lost and won ones and set a budget. Unlike poker and blackjack, roulette does not have “professional” players. That is because its primary purpose is to entertain and let people have fun while gambling and taking an edge for it, while poker has tournaments where solid knowledge and understanding of the gameplay is required.
Do not go over the already determined gambling budget with roulette, but make sure to use it smartly by using the following standard strategies and betting tips.

How to Increase the Odds

The best and only way of increasing your odds of winning is to play some of the already proven and defined strategies. All of them are based on betting on each consecutive round and growing the stake when the previous one is unsuccessful or decreasing and resetting when positive or sometimes the other way around.
Some of the most popular tactics are:

  1. Flat betting
  2. Cover the Table
  3. FOBT system
  4. Fibonacci
  5. Martingale

Each of these has the reverse version when the exact opposite steps of the original bets are applied. Reverse Martingale, also known as the “Paroli” scheme, instructs gamblers to increase the stake after winning and hitting the right field in the previous round which works perfectly and is pretty good compared to some others if you go on a winning streak.
The original Martingale requires the player to gamble on 50/50 fields and increase the wager by x2 after a loss or reset in case of winning. There are hundreds of old and new tactics online, and it is just a matter of preference depending on what type of player you are – aggressive, passive, high roller, low bettor, etc.
Some of them can be found at Strategies. Famous James Bond’s strategy is explained in details on the website, which is the approach he uses in novels, and it includes betting on two 1/3 vertical fields plus the green zero.

Online and Real Money Version

All of the information on chances, possibilities and the whole table mathematics are available online and if you are willing to understand the system completely, go for it but remember that no matter how much you know, at the end of the day it is a gambling machine.
Use these tips and strategies as a tool to get the slight edge against other players and not the machine itself. If the roulette is transparent, take a look at other player’s bets and either go along with them, counter and place chips on empty places or just keep your own path.
The great thing is that free and mobile versions of roulette are accessible online where all of the strategies can be tested for free anytime anywhere since most of the machines are optimized for mobile phones and tablets. Or even try and come up with your tactic, and who knows, maybe it will become famous just like the James Bond’s one!

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