TOP 5 Proven Roulette Systems in Australia for 2023

Revealing Secrets of Roulette Systems

There is no doubt that the magic wheel of fortune is one of the favourite gambling games of all times. It is challenging, can be very risky, but also, quite lucrative. Nowadays the path to the real money is tiled with various methods of beating the laws of luck. However, every smart player knows there is no completely secure way to knock down the house. Scientists from all over the world are trying to find the best roulette systems for victory. Until now, they have come up with several interesting tactics. They can be classified by using different criteria, systems and strategies. Have in mind that some methods are like Hidden Electronic devices. Although roulette computers are very effective at helping you win, they are not always legal. However, they beat over 90% of the last technology wheels. So, basically, the biggest secret is that there is no secret. Only various better/worse strategic choices.

The Short Guide on How You Can Play Online Roulette

One thing every UK gambler should have in mind is that a currently popular method of playing is not necessarily the best one. Generally, the majority of systems can be divided into several sections. All of these are, actually, Physics Roulette stuff. They observe the links between the physical variables and the numbers (cause and effect):

  • Progressive Betting
    The essence of this one is that the next bet depends on the previous one and can be very risky (e.g. Martingale). This kind of wagering can be fun but still, use it if you have some welcome bonuses or money you won’t be sorry of losing.
  • Betting Zones
    This method focuses on covering as many fields as possible. At first glance, it sounds cool. However, even if the winning is almost guaranteed, the amount of the prize is small. On the other hand, losses are large.
  • Predictive Systems/Visual Ballistic
    There are two major types of this one: the one that uses flaws of the mechanical side (The Bias Wheel), and the one using the dealer’s rhythm and habits (The Dealer Signature).

Not Smart Online Ways to Win

It would not be wrong to say that there are more than a hundred different roulette systems one can follow in order to win. Some are better than the others, neither is perfect. There are even methods that sound illogical, like the Martingale. Here a player should increase the betting amount after a losing round. It is surely a proven system – to lose. Some other strategies that are very known, are not always good, like Labouchere or Fibonacci. James Bond includes a repeated stake in a progression which is highly risky but as expected, popular around the UK. Moreover, the Breaking Streaks means that a gambler waits for several rounds on black (or red) and then bets opposite colour. The similar solution comes with the Following Streaks. Here a gambler unconditionally sticks to one colour, due to a belief that the more reds/blacks spin in a row, the more likely the series will continue.

Use Real Money Wisely

In the sea of numerous tactics (D’Alembert, Reversed Martingale, Grand Martingale, Masse Egale, etc.) there are several useful methods listed below:

  1. Bias Analysis
    This one was one of the most effective ways to beat the casino in the past. Nowadays it is a bit harder, but still possible. The goal is to carefully track all the numbers and conclude if some of them are more frequent due to the wheel bias. This is a real proof of how the imperfection can be turned into the strength. Over time this method cost casinos millions.
  2. Dealer Signature
    Have you ever wondered why dealers are changed every 20-30 minutes, even with the online Live Roulette? The answer lies in the possibility to win over a gambling house by observing the croupier and following his/hers pattern. Track the consistent speed of the ball. Then carefully monitor the dominant diamond it hits. Considering the ball bounce is not unpredictable one can guess well it will land approximately. It is free of charge and highly effective if all the necessary conditions are fulfilled. However, it is time-consuming. Also, bookmakers can easily change the main table man and will leave your roulette systems dead.
  3. Oscars Grind
    The up-as-you-win betting system is pretty self-explanatory. With this, bettors stake the exact same amount after a loss and increase the wage after the winning round. It is an even system so it can be used with red/black, even/odd and 1-18/19-36. It has four levels. So, when winning increase a bet by one unit until four. The goal is to get one unit payout every time and once that is made you go back to staking one again regardless of the stage you were at.
  4. The Paroli
    This is a really good way of getting small payments consistently and avoid large losses. It is the opposite of the Martingale method with a limited maximum wage. This is a positive progression for even money stakes. It is similar to Shotwell system and has four main rules. The first one is a fixed base unit. That determines the bet amount at the beginning of the sequence. The second one is to double up after the positive round, and the third is to stop after three wins. For instance, if the first stake was AUD 10, the second will be AUD 20 and the third will be AUD 40. Then you stop and drop back to the basics. Also, the fourth rule means gambler should never increase the bet after a losing round.
  5. The Red
    Here the third vertical on the betting map is crucial. It has 8 red and only 4 black numbers. This can be highly effective, but, mathematically, also a bit on the risky side with the edge of 5.26%. However, if you invest 10 chips on red, and 20 on black, the possible outcome can be quite positive. Even if the red hits, you lose 20, win 20. If black hits you win 20 on a column stake and 20 for the black numbers, you lose only 10. However, if the ball lands on the red of the first or second vertical, you will just end up losing.

The true story is that one can never play wisely enough because laws of physics and luck combined are actually unbeatable. If there is a problem with choosing the right roulette systems at first, find a type of a game, like French Roulette, that offers half of the bet back, such as bonus En Prison option. That way you can practice some of the previously mentioned systems and not go broke due to lack of experience and knowledge.

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