How Many Strategies Exist in Roulette? in Australia for 2022

Looking to boost your chances while playing roulette online by decreasing the house edge? Once again, we come in handy, especially now that you need us.
We are here to offer you a detailed and easy to understand guide to some of the workable online roulette tips and strategies. Though some of these tips aren’t new to you, we’ve decided to refresh your memory on how important they are, since most of the players tend to ignore them.

Advanced Roulette Strategies

These are what we like to refer to as the ‘Killer Moves’ on the roulette game. Why? Because, thanks to them, you can now reduce the house edge significantly. They have proven to be workable for a long time, and as a result, some land-based and online casinos ban players who use them when playing roulette. These are some of the following strategies.

Martingale System

This system was founded by a famous casino owner called Martingale, hence the name. How did he come about with this system? Well, while at his casino, he noticed that some players were losing money while playing their games. Some of these players had very hefty bankrolls, and in a bid to encourage them to recover their lost money, Martingale encouraged them to spend twice as much as their previous bets. Therefore, if a player lost AUD 10 on his previous bet, he could encourage him/her to spend AUD 20 on his subsequent bet.

Furthermore, if the player still lost this bet, he was encouraged to place a AUD 40 bet on his next bet. This continued until the player recovered all his lost money plus the extra AUD 20 bet that they had initially placed. While Martingale managed to remain in business, thanks to those players who didn’t have enough money to caution them, he eventually went bankrupt after some high rollers came and wiped clean his casino. All this happened as he, Martingale, watched helplessly as the system he had invented worked against him.

While the Martingale system has proven to work in various instances, it only fits those players who have a hefty or healthy bankroll. This is because you might sometimes go up to 10 successive bets without winning a single bet. Furthermore, it also works best when you use the gambler’s fallacy, i.e., placing the same bet over and over again.

The Paroli System

After Martingale’s system had proved to be such a huge success among players, different people started formulating different betting systems. One such person was Paroli. However, unlike Martingale who encouraged players to bet on the wheel after each loss, he encouraged people to ONLY place a bet after they’ve WON! This strategy also proved to be such a success among players, especially those who didn’t have huge sums of money to play with.

The D’Almbert System

It also borrows its betting concept from Martingale’s betting system. However, unlike the parent strategy, it tends to use a progression system that is much flatter and one that is directly proportional to the overall lower risk.

So how does it work? Just as the Martingale system, D’Almbert’s system requires you to increase your bet after every loss. This increment, however, isn’t as steep as you can decide the much you want to increase instead of doubling up. Some players might argue that this factor doesn’t cushion you from losses in case of a single win as with the Martingale, but again, if you look at it closely, you’ll notice you can easily deal with the losing streak as compared to the other systems. Furthermore, you can play for longer times as compared to the outgoing strategies.

When it comes down to using this strategy, you are required to place your roulette chip on the outside bet. You should continue doing this over and over, but only if you are winning.

However, once you start losing, you are required to start increasing your bet, with a single chip. This should continue until you start winning again, during which you’ll be required to start removing a chip again.

What Other Roulette Tips Do You Need?

The strategies and systems above should enable you to reduce the house edge with significant value. However, with the roulette tips below and proper use of the systems below, you should be able to boost your chance of winning significantly.

  1. Choose the European Version over the American One.
    While they are both roulette games with the same rules, there are differences between these two games. One significant difference is that of the 0 and 00. While the European has only one 0, the American has both the 0 and 00. The result is the second variant has a house edge that is twice that of the European. This means your chances of winning while playing the American variant is lower than that of the European.
  2. Avoid the Gambler’s Fallacy.
    This is yet another huge mistake that players make while playing this casino game. The gambler’s fallacy simply means you start believing that since for example, the red hasn’t shown for a while, it is just about to. This means you simply continue wagering on red after every bet, forgetting that on the roulette wheel, each spin is independent of the last one and it all depends on luck sometimes.
  3. Wager on Two Columns and the Other on the Red.
    If you take a closer look at the roulette wheel, you’ll notice that the column numbers, the numbers 3-36, has four black numbers and eight red ones. To maximise your chances of winning, we advise you place one of your chips on the ‘Red’, two of your chips on the column 1-34, and two other chips on column 2-35. By doing this, you shall have covered 24 out of 36 numbers you could have bet on. This means that your chances of winning this game are 2/3.
  4. Quit While You Are Ahead.
    The other problem that seems to be affecting most of the players online is not knowing when to quit. You know, they usually say that the house always wins, but only in the end. I watched one of Jason Statham’s movie, where he was on a winning spree and managed to up to more than AUD 200,000 grand while betting on red. However, since he was a little greedy, he placed this bet all on the same colour and lost.
    For players like Jason Statham, what they forget is that all casino games have been designed in such a way that the house will always have the upper hand, in the long run. Therefore, if you happen to be lucky and have a winning spree of say 10 consecutive winning bets and you feel that you’ve already won enough, then quit while you still can or else the casino will take away ‘their’ money.
  5. Cash Out Your Winnings.
    This is yet another tip that seems to be connected with the outgoing one. If you happen to be the one on the winning streak, while the casino is losing money to you, always try to ensure you are cashing out some of the winnings. But, even before you can cash out winnings, it’s always advisable you cash out your original stake and start playing using the profits. If you make a decent win, then you should start withdrawing some of it.
  6. Have a Well-Defined Bankroll and Stick to It.
    A bankroll simply means the money that you have set aside for the specific purpose of gambling and betting. While playing any online casino game, including roulette, it’s always advisable that you have a pre-determined bankroll as it will help you plan well on how you place your bets as well as enabling you to play responsibly.
    Furthermore, you should also have a plan on how you manage your bankroll. For example, if you have a AUD 100 bankroll, then we would advise that you split it into 10-20 equal bets. Why? Because by having the micro-bets well planned for, you shall be cushioning yourself from losses.
  7. Always Play for Free before Staking Real Money.
    There’s always a free option online, even if some casinos don’t offer it. Playing for free is the best way to warm up for the game and gaining the momentum that’s needed for you to play and win. If you see you have won twice in a row, you should probably start playing for real money.
  8. Choose a Reputable Site.
    This is a tip you’ll come across different websites; which emphasises t you choose a reputable online casino website at all times! If you ask any experienced player like me, they’ll definitely tell you that by playing in a reputable site, you not only maximise your chances of winning fairly, but you also have access to some of the best roulette services.

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