Best Cashback Casino Bonuses

Choosing the right bonus can give you an edge, even if you lose. Not every casino bonus requires a deposit, and some bonuses allow you to get something back without giving anything. Cashback bonuses are one of the most advantageous offers you can find in online casinos in this regard. Below, we talk about everything you need to know about them and provide a list of the best cashback casinos.

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Top Cashback Bonus Casinos


What Are the Differences Between a Welcome Bonus and Cashback Bonus?

A welcome bonus is any deal a casino offers to new joiners. Welcome deals offer free spins or a cashback bonus for players in Canada to use across slots and tables. Online cashback casinos also offer these bonuses to existing players. Look at your casino's 'promotions' page for details. After using a welcome bonus, sign up for promo emails. These tell you when casinos' cash-back offers arise.

Are Cashback Bonuses Legal in Canada?

Cash matching bonuses are legal if created by a regulated casino in Canada. Your chosen casino must legally operate in your province or territory. Always check a casino’s regulatory statements and gambling laws before joining. Your browser will prevent you from visiting if a casino isn't legal. That occurs if you select a casino outside your area. Casino cashback bonuses are legal under general gambling laws. These offers will have terms and conditions to read before you agree to credit.

Does Canada Have an Average Cashback Amount?

There is no average cash-back amount for casinos across Canada. Many casinos change deals and cash-matching bonuses. However, you will quite often see deals for 100% matching on deposits from $10. Some welcome cash match bonuses offer higher matches and max payouts. Some casinos provide a 500% matching to $1000. Budgeting is essential if you use more deals at max rates. You can build your average by totalling four or five of the best casino cashback offers online and then dividing.

Will I Get Free Spins With a Cashback Bonus?

Some casinos offer free spins alongside cash-matching bonuses as a welcome package. Sometimes, you may need to deposit and claim free cash credit to unlock free spins. Alternatively, you may claim free spins without a deposit - and get cash back when paying in. Also, look for promotions your chosen casino offers after a welcome deal. You may find free spins from part of a VIP program level. You should compare deals and casinos before settling on any option.

How Can I Tell a Good Cashback Casino From a Bad One?

A good cashback casino provides understandable terms and conditions. The best casino cashback bonuses demand low wagering before the withdrawal. Some rare online casino cashback bonus deals have no wagering terms. Read all terms, including winning caps. Win caps can prevent you from claiming real money from wins with bonus credit. The best Canadian cashback casinos allow opting out of a deal. The best cashback casino bonuses allow playing with little deposit. A site requesting $10 at 500% is ideal for fun.