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Craps Online Casinos in Canada

Craps games revolve around players deciding the outcome of a roll of two dice. Up to 20 players can join in at a single table – with some online craps games allowing this full roster. Different bets, such as Pass Line and Don’t Pass, add extra dimensions to the fun. 

Many people across Canada play craps online from mobiles and PCs. In this article, we’ll examine what you need to know about finding top online craps casinos.

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Where can I play craps online?

You can play craps online at a variety of regulated casinos across Canada. We’ve listed several that you can register for free and start playing with real money.

Is online craps legal across Canada?

Online craps are not legal across Canada, but you can play at a casino that’s regulated and based offshore. It’s always wise to check regulator badges and casino locations.

How much can I potentially win while playing craps online?

The amount of money you can win playing craps at online casinos may be near endless. Always check max bets and wins at your chosen table.

Are online craps games fixed or rigged?

Online craps games at regulated casinos aren’t rigged - they’re authorized as truly random. Never play at an unregulated casino - or you risk playing rigged games.

Is craps available at all online casinos?

Craps are available at most online casinos. However, the style of the game may vary, as may the available bets. It’s worth comparing different casinos, tables and bet styles.

What are some of the best craps bets?

Some of the best craps bets available to start with include pass lines and don’t pass options. You’ll bet that you hit a 7 or 11.