Affiliate Disclosure

We want to keep delivering quality and ensuring our readers get the correct information they deserve. But our research and review process takes a lot of time and effort from our expert team. So we need to be able to generate revenue to keep our engines running. And our readers can contribute to this at no extra cost through the affiliate program.

First, we thoroughly review each affiliate partner before recommending it on our pages. Then our readers can click the link to access these reviewed sites. So ultimately, we both get what we want without jeopardizing the reliable reputation our readers have known us for.

What Happens When You Click Affiliate Links?

Whenever any of our readers click affiliate links, you’ll be redirected to the intended page, and we sometimes get commissions. It is because it falls under 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, which is regulated.

The small commissions help keep everything running behind the scenes to keep providing top-quality content for our readers. So, you get a detailed and fair recommendation while we get a commission.

We don’t want to bother our readers with annoying ads or biased opinions. Hence, affiliates provide a revenue source for us to fund the website and take in-depth reviews of every topic we cover. So, you can always rest assured that all our opinions, thoughts, reviews, comments, and assessments remain honest and transparent.

And we also don’t receive compensation or monetary gains from our reviews. An affiliate link allows us to continue our quest for honest evaluations without worrying about compromising our verdicts or recommendations. Affiliate links offer a suitable medium for us to deliver high-quality content and keep the site active for all our readers.