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Common Draw Roulette

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common draw roulette

Betsoft is one of the renowned software providers when it comes to table games. They have managed to remain ahead of the competition by consistently adding new features into their games to create more enjoyable gameplay, and their Common Draw Roulette game confirms this. It is a European type of roulette where you can start your wager from as little as 3 credits up to 500 credits. New players can start with the demo version before proceeding to wager for real money.

Basic Rule of Draw Roulette

This casino game features the standard 1-36 numbers with lone zero. This means that the house edge is 2.7% which is very reasonable.
After a spin has ended, you will have 30 next seconds to determine your next bet.

The table bet limit is set at a minimum of CAD 3 up to a maximum of CAD 500. The chip options include CAD 1, CAD 5, CAD 25, CAD 100, and CAD 500.
Bets include single selection on a number, red or black, odd or even, high or low, row bets and dozen bets.

The odds of the bets are as follows:

Inner Wagers

  • Single numbers – 35/1
  • Split bet – 17/1
  • Street bet – 11/1
  • Corner bet and 0,1,2,3, sectors – 8/1
  • Line bet – 5/1

External Wagers

  • Dozed/column bet – 2/1
  • Red or black, even or odd – 1/1

The Common Draw Roulette is RNG operated, which means that there is no live dealer, and there are also no racetracks. The game features a 96.30% RTP.

How to Play in Draw Roulette

Betsoft’s Common Draw Roulette is a regular roulette game that is based on the European Roulette wheel. It means that it features 37 pockets, including lone zero and hot & cold numbers. Since it features a single zero, it means that the house has a lower edge which increases your chances of winning.

Nevertheless, the rules of the game are quite straightforward. You are only required to predict where the ball will land to win correctly. Unlike how you place chips on the table in standard roulette when you play Common Draw Roulette online, you will be placing your wagers against the bank.

Any winnings are immediately credited to your account. Spins take place every 35 seconds, and how you place your bets is entirely up to you. You can choose your preferred betting options from those listed above.

The main difference between playing a real money online roulette, and when you play Common Draw Roulette online free game is the fact that with the freeplay roulette, you will not be connected to a server. Thus, you can’t play against other online players. More so, you don’t have the privilege to keep your payouts for winning bets, but you will not lose a dime.

Features and Bet Limits

Unlike some other roulette games, when you play the Common Draw Roulette, you will be playing against the bank. It features a single zero and 36 numbers on the wheel. Unlike roulette games that feature 0 and 00, a single zero means that your chances of winning are better and the house has a lower edge.

You can place your wagers on the layout or opt for the ‘Special Bet’ option. Some of the bets you can place range from red/black bets, chevale to orphelin. The bet limit is set on a maximum of 500 credits per spin.

The winnings numbers are displayed showing results of the last nine spins. You can also rely on the hot and cold numbers statistic table to calculate your next move. Other buttons that make your gameplay easier include the Double, Clear and Repeat buttons.

Although you will only 35 seconds to decide on your bet, you can use the Special Bet option for more complex bets such as Finale bets.

Final Word

Common Draw Roulette by Betsoft is an exciting casino game that features a lower house edge and which increases your chances of winning. If you are a beginner, we always recommend starting with the Common Draw Roulette free play on our site before wagering for real money.

The game accommodates both conventional and high rollers where you can wager from as little as CAD 3 up to CAD 500 per spin. The inclusion of the hot and cold numbers is also a great way to help you analyze the numbers quickly since you only have 35 seconds to place your wager after every completed spin.

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