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Top Canadian Casinos With Live Dealers

One of the most popular types of games at casino sites in Canada these days is live dealer games, which have become a must-try option for a lot of players in the country.

Many sites now offer top live casino games, but players might find it difficult to work out where they should sign up to try games such as blackjack and baccarat with live dealers. Our guide to the best live dealer casino sites in Canada has full details.

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Where Can I Find a Live Casino in Canada?

There is now a wide range of sites offering live casino games in this country. Some of the best live dealer casinos can be found further up this page in our complete guide.

Are Live Dealer Casino Online Games Safe to Play?

One of the main questions Canadians are likely to ask when deciding if they should play live dealer games is whether or not they are safe to play. The good news is that a live online casino should be safe to use as long as it is licensed and regulated.

Can I Play Live Casino Games Without Spending My Money?

By using a live casino bonus, players are likely to be able to play their favourite live casino games without having to actually spend any of their own real money. Demo mode might also be an option at some online live dealer casinos as well, so look out for that.

Are Live Dealer Games Licensed and Legal to Play?

The top sites in this country that are offering online live casino games for their players to try should be licensed, which means that it will be legal to play live games such as blackjack.

What to Do If Disconnected While Playing Live Casino Games?

What happens if a player becomes disconnected due to internet issues while playing a live dealer game depends on the live casino's online policy. Usually, players will be able to re-enter by refreshing the page, but they might be directed to a non-live version instead.

Can I Chat With a Live Dealer During Games?

Yes, one of the top benefits of opting to play a live casino game is the fact that a player has the chance to chat with the live dealer who is in charge of the game. A text box offers the chance to chat with a live dealer.

Do Online Live Casinos Cheat Their Canadian Players?

Canadian players are right to question whether or not online casino live dealers cheat, but the good news is that this is not the case. Indeed, in a game such as roulette, players can actually see the outcome of a spin of the reel at an online dealer casino.