William Wilson

William Wilson is an author and casino&slot expert at onlineslotsx.com. He was born in Calgary in the province of Alberta. William’s always been very hard-working, and that’s got him studying at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. His specialty is a bachelor of commerce, and to be honest, William is the best in our team concerning the analysis of the gambling market and managing people.

William brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our company. Yet, we still keep asking him why our company. And all we keep hearing is that he is just lucky to be in a team with amazing people. We can’t imagine a more kind-hearted, caring person!

He keeps growing outside the casino as well. We heard about so many books and tv-shows from him, so we had to create a podcast just for his recommendations. His favourite author is J. R. Tolkien, and we guess William can’t even name his favourite book. Is it Silmarillion? The Lord of the Rings? No one will ever know.

In our team, William is a respected man. No one ever doubts that his job is done perfectly. He’s got so much to do! His primary responsibilities are: testing casinos, writing slot reviews and market analysis. However, no one can compare to him when it comes to writing copyrighted material about gambling. William is a wordsmith. His writing makes us wonder if he sold a soul to a devil for his talent.

We hope that William will continue developing inside our team. There’s just something irresistible to watching him using those talents in action!

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