Unique Reel Layouts

A game is not a game if it adheres to a strict policy of form and style. Instead, a game must be a source of fun, and it must bring novelty to the playing experience. Therefore, assuming such a notion, the new slot developers are deviating from the traditional slot layouts, and there are astonishing shifts in the structures.

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What are Winning Chances with Hexahedron Reels?

Chances of scoring a win on a hexahedron slot are similar to on any other slot, as the machine's profitability is determined by the RTP percentage and not by the layout.

Are the Orbital-reel Slots Only for Experienced Players?

No, Orbital Grid slots do have a unique layout, but the gameplay is pretty easy to understand, even for the new players.

Are there any Additional Features in Unique Reel Slots?

No, most of the unique reel slots carry the usual bonus features such as free spins, wilds and scatter.
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