Play Best Online Roulette for Real Money In Australia 2024

Roulette was not a game when it came out about 300 years ago. It was the result of a scientific project of making a perpetual motion machine. That perpetual motion machine could never be finished, but an anonym entrepreneur discovered that this machine could become an excellent casino game. The famous Monte Carlo Casino introduced the roulette games to Europe and marketed it as “the choice of the aristocrats”. There was only one “0” digit on the roulette wheel in this period, nowadays we call this version as the European Roulette.

When the game was introduced in America, casino owners decided to add the “00” digit on the wheel. In this way, the variant known as American Roulette appeared. Today, this distinction is still going on, and if you are planning to play online roulette game with real money, you should prefer the European variant. Because in this version, your chances of winning are much higher. Let’s explain by numbers. In the American version, the casino edge is 5.26%. In the European Roulette, this figure is down to 2.32%.

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