Roulette Bonuses

As you know, Roulette Games are incredibly popular based on the fact that it is not only as easy to comprehend as mastering the alphabet, but also because casinos offer players the best roulette bonuses and other odds.

These remarkable bonuses improve your chances even more, and some online gaming operators even feel that gamblers’ odds are too good in this game.

Roulette Offers Bonus BONUS T&Cs Get Started
Live Grosvengor Roulette Retain half of your stake £0.50 – £4,000.00 Special Feature:Retain half of your stake when zero comes in Straight up, 50p – £500, Outside chances max bet: £10,000, Opening times: 24/7 RTP: 97.3%

T&Cs apply

William Hill Roulette up to £300 Age of the God Bonus Roulette

T&Cs apply

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Online Roulette Bonuses

Nevertheless, in this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of phenomenal online roulette bonuses which both rookies and veterans can claim and optimise their winning chances:

First Deposit Bonus

As the title depicts, new players instantly receive this promotion upon putting down their first deposit. Plenty of online gaming operators provides this as Roulette Welcome Bonus encouraging players to sign up. The terms of bonus may vary from one casino to another.
For instance, the renown 888 Casino offers a 100% match up of up to £100. Secondly, the Ladbrokes Casino also offers a 100% match of up to £500.

No Deposit Bonus

A multitude of gaming platforms offers players free online roulette bonus, thereby allowing them to try their luck in a catalogue of games without risking a dime of their bankroll. For instance, at 888 Casino, participants receive an immediate £88 which they can use to partake in Roulette Pro alongside other games such as Baccarat and Blackjack.

In contrary, upon registering with Super Casino participants automatically receive an extra £10 and a 200% match, through which they can try their luck in most of the games running the gamut from European, Chinese, and French Roulette among others.

Mobile Bonuses

With the advent of technology, the rate at which casino sites are adding mobile gaming alternatives is indeed skyrocketing. Without a doubt, mobile Roulette is an innovation which has made online slots a tad more convenient to a myriad of players across the globe. As such, it facilitates participants to partake in the thrill by spinning the wheel 24/7 from any Android and Apple gadget, for a ton of bonuses where they stand a chance to walk away with real money.

Cashable Bonus

This is one of the most common and simplest online roulette bonus offered by a lot of casinos across the globe and are also known as non-sticky bonuses. Players can only access or retrieve this bonus upon the completion of certain wagering requirements.

For instance, a gaming platform may offer a match-up of £200 with a 20 times wagering requirement on all the available games. What this means is that as a participant, you will not have access to the £200 until you have gambled at least 20 times on the Double Ball Roulette games of your choice.

Non-Cashable Bonuses

This type of bonuses is offered in various gaming websites and are also known as sticky bonuses. With this category, gamblers cannot make any withdrawals without complying to the betting requirements. As such, players can only use these promotions to try their luck in the real money games but cannot withdraw it. For example, a non-cashable promotion of £100 means that as a gambler you can only utilise this amount to gamble in the games but cannot retrieve it.

Reload Bonuses

It is a readily available offer from a number of gaming websites to existing gamblers whose aim revolves around rewarding customer loyalty by encouraging clientele to put down additional deposits. Thus, this goes a long way in keeping them from moving to another casino. With that in mind, clients receive a certain additional fee to gamble with and try their luck in the myriad of games.

All in all, immersive roulette is by far the most iconic casino game which exudes immense sophistication, ease, convenience, and style of play.

How to Find the Best Casino with Roulette Bonuses?

There are lots of roulette bonuses out there, but not all of them will offer a real advantage. Some of them will just try to distract you with big numbers. However, a good bonus is not defined by numbers. You have to pay attention to different things.

  • Remember the rule of “if an offer seems too good to be true, it is not true”. If a casino site offers a “600% match rate” for the deposit of new players, this is a very good offer. For the same reason, there will be a catch. No business multiplies your deposit amount with 6 just because it has good intentions. Most probably, the wagering rate is too high or there is a maximum cashout limit. Always be sceptical of offers with high numbers.
  • Always read the terms & conditions of the bonus. This is how you find beneficial offers. The terms determine how good an offer really is. Check the wagering rate and account limitations during the wagering process. Ideally, the rate should not be higher than 40x, and there should not be too many limitations on your account.
  • Check the roulette games collection too. If there are only a couple of roulette games to play, that bonus will be practically useless. A casino site must be able to offer you at least a dozen roulette games in different varieties, such as European, French, and American roulette. There should also be a live roulette category, so you can play against real dealers and try your luck in exotic variants, such as Lightning Roulette.

Playing Roulette Games with a Roulette Bonus

Yes, you can play roulette with a bonus, but if you are a beginner, you may need help in this regard. Below, we explain how you can do this by listing the steps you need to follow:

  1. Find a casino site with an incentive for online roulette. To save time, just pick one of our recommended casino sites.
  2. Visit the website of that casino site and look for a button that says “join” (or “register”).
  3. Click that button and fill out the membership form. The trick here is giving “verifiable” information. You can complete this step by giving false information, but when you want to make a withdrawal, you will be asked to verify all these data, so make sure to give actual information.
  4. Log in with your chosen username & password.
  5. If this is a no deposit bonus, it will be activated automatically upon the first log in. Check your profile page to verify.
  6. If this is a first deposit bonus, you must make a deposit to activate it. Check the minimum deposit limit to trigger the bonus and complete the process. Once again, it is automatic: After cashing in, the bonus will be activated instantly.

If you do not see the bonus after completing these steps, contact customer support. They can activate it manually. You can now start playing online roulette with a bonus, enjoy!

What Is the Best Roulette Bonus?

There is no single best roulette bonus. Every player is different, and the definition of best will also be different. Instead of looking for the best roulette bonus, you should focus on maximizing the benefits you get from these promotions. As we mentioned in this guide, there will be multiple bonuses in an online casino, and you are allowed to use all of them. However, by using them in a certain order, you can get the best of every offer. Here are our recommendations:

  • New players must start with a no deposit bonus. This is the best way to learn more about online casinos. You get a free cash balance without making a financial commitment. This means you can simply walk away if you don’t like what you see. You won’t lose anything, and no questions will be asked. Think of no deposit bonuses as a free sample. You can become an actual member only if you are satisfied with your experience. If not, you can try your luck elsewhere.
  • If you like what you see, you can make your first deposit and unlock your sign up bonus. Doing so will give you a starting capital for free, which you can use to play online roulette. In fact, you can use your incentive on lots of roulette games and maximize your payout potential.
  • After completing the wagering requirement of the sign up offer, you can start taking advantage of reload bonuses. They will keep giving you a free bankroll every time you make a deposit, which you can use to play more roulette games.
  • Lastly, you can use a cashback bonus too, in order to recover some of your losses.

Following this pattern will maximize your benefits from roulette bonuses. Instead of trying to find the best one, use them all, and gain an advantage every time. This is our recommendation.

Roulette Bonus Terms & Conditions

Before we start talking about wagering requirements, let’s mention a couple of important things you need to know about roulette bonuses:

  • You may be asked to activate some casino bonuses within a time limit. This is especially true for no deposit and welcome bonuses. Most online casinos will ask you to use your no deposit within 24 or 48 hours, especially if the offer contains free spins. For welcome bonus offers, you may be asked to make your first deposit within 7 or 14 days. In both scenarios, the countdown starts from your registration.
  • However, this is not always the case. Sometimes bonuses do not have any time limitations at all, and you can use them anytime you like. This all depends on the online casino itself, so the first thing you must do is to read the terms & conditions. This way, you can understand whether there is a time limit.
  • You should also check country limitations too. Even if your country is accepted to the casino, the roulette bonus may have specific restrictions. This especially affects Middle-East countries. They are unable to benefit from most of the casino bonuses, even if they can play at the casino with real money. So make sure to check for country limitations while reading the terms & conditions too.
  • While you are at it, also check for bonus and game limitations. As a general rule, you can use your bonus on any roulette game you like. However, this is not always the case. Some online casinos may limit the use of the bonus with a single game. For example, your bonus may be valid only on the “Super Duper Roulette” game. As can be guessed, this is not ideal: prefer roulette bonuses that allow you to choose freely.
  • You may be asked to use a bonus code too: Some roulette bonuses are activated only after using a code. Check the terms to see if this is the case. If you are required to use a code, make sure to use it before completing the registration and/or deposit.

Wagering Roulette Bonuses: What You Need to Know

And now, we can start talking about wagering requirements. Did you ever wonder how online casinos are still able to make a profit after giving away free money with bonuses? Well, this is because it is not free money. Thanks to a thing called wagering; online casinos win much more than the bonus they gave.

When you win a cash prize with your roulette bonus (whether it is a no deposit, first deposit, or reload bonus), it is yours to keep forever, and you can see it on your profile page. However, this cash prize will be shown as locked. You cannot withdraw it or use it to play games. You need to unlock it first. And to do that, you need to wager money on specific games. (Wagering means depositing money and spending it on games, so making the deposit is not enough.) Only after wagering a certain amount of money, your bonus will be unlocked.

So, how much money do you need to wager? This depends on the wagering rate, which can be seen in the terms & conditions of the online roulette promotion. Sometimes it is as low as 20x and sometimes as high as 60x. It all depends on the online casino. As a player, you should look for the lowest wagering rates because otherwise, the bonus may lose its advantage. We can explain this with an example. Suppose you have won 100 GBP from a bonus.

  • If the wagering rate is 20x, you need to wager 2.000 GBP first. (100 x 20)
  • If the wagering rate is 40x, you need to wager 4.000 GBP first. (100 x 40)
  • If the wagering rate is 60x, you need to wager 6.000 GBP first. (100 x 60)

We can keep going, but you get the idea. If the rate is too high, you need to wager a lot of money. And since you will also lose some money in this process, online casinos will win way more than the bonus it gives. So don’t worry about online casinos. They still make lots of profit during the wagering.

Wagering Terms for Roulette Bonuses

There are a couple of things you need to know about wagering casino bonuses:

  • Only wagers on some games will count towards the requirement. You can play any game you like, but if you want to complete wagering, you must play a certain game type. Otherwise, you will just waste money. This game type is usually the slot machines. And yes, even if this is a bonus related to online roulette, you still need to play slot games to finish the requirement. Sounds weird, we know, but this is almost always the case. Wagers on slots contribute 100%, and wagers on other games (including online roulette) contribute only 10% or less. So, get ready to play some slots.
  • Your maximum bet amount will be limited to 5 GBP (or less) while wagering is active. Once again, this is important: Learn the maximum bet limit and do not place a higher bet than that. The online casino may see this as a breach of the terms and cancel your bonus.
  • Until the wagering is complete, you won’t be able to withdraw. You can still do it if you want but doing so will cancel the bonus.

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Do I need to use a roulette bonus within a time period?

It depends on the terms & conditions. Most of the no deposit bonuses expire within 48 hours. Some welcome bonus offers require you to make the first deposit within 7 days of your registration. However, there are roulette bonuses without time limits too. Check the terms & conditions to find out.

Can I get a welcome bonus more than one time to play roulette?

No. Welcome bonuses are for new players only, and they can be used only once. You cannot use them twice or get the same welcome bonus a second time. Some players try to register again with different (and fake) information to get the bonus once more but don’t do that: If you get caught (and you will), your account will be terminated.

Which online casino offers the best roulette bonus?

There is no single online casino that offers the best roulette bonus. You can take advantage of a no deposit bonus at casino A and a welcome bonus at casino B: Do not stick to a single online casino. Always be on the look because roulette bonuses are dynamic. Some casino site you passed away a while ago may suddenly start to offer a very advantageous bonus.

Which bonus is best to play roulette?

We believe that you should start with a no deposit bonus because it allows you to learn more about that online casino without making a financial commitment. After that, you should take advantage of a first deposit bonus to create your initial bankroll. And next, you should start using reload bonuses. By following this pattern, you can get the best out of every roulette bonus.