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Online gaming is a popular activity on the internet in today’s world. Countless betting websites avail a variety of virtual casino games that emulate those found at a land-based casino near you. Renowned table and card games like roulette and poker are available on the online platform. They are designed in a 3D format such that the player enjoys it as a real life experience although he or she is playing through a device. Chiefly, slot machines dominate in both online and real casinos alike. While punters may bet on slots online to win real money, there are demos as well.

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Slots Online to Win

Origin of Slot Games

The slot machine was invented by Charles Fey in 1899. It was christened the Liberty Bell machine. Its inbuilt currency detector allowed players to pull the lever after inserting coins. Over the years, the one-armed bandit has evolved to push-button fruit machines. The debut of virtual slot machines was in the year 1994 when online gambling was launched. Originally, the symbols were fruits hence the term fruit machines. However, more dynamic images are used in the slots of today ranging from playing card labels, currencies, and other thematic icons. Online slots real money play involves virtual coins that represent the cash deposited by the gambler to the betting website.

Popular Online Slot Games

The slots online real money games can be classified into categories such as the number of reels, paylines, and gameplay.

  1. Number of Reels
  2. Three-reeled (Classic slots). These are the commonest type. They feature three symbols on one reel; translating to a total of nine symbols displayed on the three reels. A gamer, therefore, has up to five ways of winning in the game after spinning the reels. This happens after matching symbols on either of the three horizontal paylines or diagonally.
  3. Five-reeled slots. Several modern slot machines feature five reels. This increases the probability of winning due to the higher number of paylines. The reel symbols are also advanced in variety and quantity. The above categories are the mainstream type of slot machines. However, there are slot machines with six and seven reels too.
  4. Number of Paylines. A payline runs from left to right of a reel. When a similar symbol matches along an active payline, the punter is rewarded. Each symbol has a value that is usually displayed on a paytable. There are a single line and multiple payline slot machines. Further, the 243 winning ways slot machines offer incredible winning probabilities to online gambling gurus.
  5. Gameplay
  6. Bonus Slots

The classic slot machines with 3 reels rarely have bonus icons or games. However, there are bonus-laden slots containing symbols that generate rewards for the player. Such bonus images include scatter and wild icons. On top of that, a particular slot may feature its own unique bonus symbol that activated an extra round.

Usually, scatter images associate with free spins. Wild icons, on the other hand, boost one’s winnings by replacing symbol to complete winning combos.

  • Progressive Slots. Progressive jackpots involve a growing prize pool every time a gambler bets. Such progressive slot machines are connected such that several players’ stakes contribute to the ultimate amount. Only one lucky winner will randomly get the prize.
  • Video/ 3D slots. They include animations and video cut scenes to make the gameplay more enjoyable.
  • Fruit Slots/ Fruit Machines. Mostly containing 3 reels, the reel symbols are fruits such as cherries, berries, and oranges among other fruits. The colorful camaraderie of this slot machine is refreshing to see.

Other Categories of Slots

In addition to the above stated contemporary slot machines, other types leaning on where to play and currency denomination exist.

  • Free. These are freely available with no deposit needed to play.
  • Paypal. Such slots allow PayPal transactions.
  • Bitcoin. The new crypto currency also has a place in slots gambling. Satoshi’s Secret is an example of a slot whose theme and payment method are all central to the Bitcoin.
  • Online. Well, this is just an internet version of the spinning machine at your nearest land-based casino.
  • Android. Similar to the numerous apps available on the Google Playstore, slot machine apps have also been designed. Casino apps and slot games are now available for download on Android devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Playing Slots Online Win Real Money

The opportunity for gambling in online slots for real money is presented in the reputable casinos over the internet. One has to register and then deposit cash using the payment options availed. These may include direct bank transfers, electronic card payment or e-wallets.

The conventional steps in real money betting for online slot machines are as follows:

  1. Choose bet amount
  2. Activate paylines
  3. Set bet per line
  4. Spin/ Auto Play (establishes a series of uninterrupted spins.
  5. Play any bonus rounds(optional, if any)
  6. Collect and withdraw your winnings.

In summary, slots are popular among gamers regardless of type because the wealth in variety means everyone is catered for. Also, options to play for free or real money on online casinos appeals to many gamblers.

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