Tips for Online Roulette Strategy

Every bettor would like to know how to win the roulette without exception. The magic of this game lies in the fact that you need luck in order to gain real money. On the other hand, knowing the Roulette physics and smart strategic plan can sometimes get you one step closer to victory.

Basically, even the masters of this game still trying to find the best tactics suiting their wallet. However, just naming some of the most known, such as Martingale, Reverse Martingale, D’Alembert would not mean much to the newbies. That is why the true secret also lies in little everyday tips regarding online Strategies.

Useful Free Tips for Chips

There are various things one should know before investing. Have in mind that here the main topic is an online casino which differs a bit from the land-based one. Take a look at some pieces of advice when it comes to trying out one of the most intriguing games:

  • Choose a reputable casino. Explore wisely the rank and grades of the bookmaker. The recommendation is to pick those houses that regularly publish payout percentage. No tip can make up the trustworthiness of the bookmaker so watch out where you open the account. Furthermore, make sure that games are fully adapted for the specific jurisdiction (e.g. US, UK, Australia);
  • The table. Bettors can often read that the best solution is to play the European, for instance, traditional French Roulette. This one has only one zero (green field) and a lower house edge, approximately about 2.63%. Even better if the particular roulette has an option, such as “La Partage” or “En Prison” while they sometimes give back half of a stake to a gambler;
  • Observe. Always have in mind that if you do not have much experience, there is nothing wrong just watching the wheel for several rounds. Transform into a hawk, be patient, persistent and try to feel the game. Sometimes it is better to invest into research and lose a bit of time, that to go broke. However, note a crucial thing – the spins in roulette are not related. That is the main mistake gamblers make. The previous result is not linked to the future outcome. Systems of these games work through the Random Number Generator, so the essence of the game is luck. And if you have the beginner’s magic, use it.
  • Play the Outside. Probably the smart way at the beginning would be to take advantage of an outside betting area. Placing chips on a single number brings low winning odds, so avoid that. This way you have a bigger chance of taking a victory (e.g. 50/50 when playing red/black numbers). There is no possibility to increase the accuracy of the wheel or to predict the next outcome. However, this is an excellent way to avoid losing much money;
  • Small wins are big wins. Never bet huge amounts, especially if you do not have tons of experience. Reasonable, steady and lower stakes will eventually accumulate. That way bettor can sometimes wage larger and enjoy the adrenaline. Do not try to catch up any losses by betting high. Also, after the winning resist the temptation to double up the stake;
  • Bonus advantage. Casino houses offer many Bonuses and promotions that one can collect and use when needed. This is an opportunity to try out a model and what is far more important, to practice for free;
  • Cashing out. Always take care of the money. Keep track on how much you have spent and withdraw at least part of the cash when you double up the initial deposit;
  • Bet more combinations. No rule forbids waging on more than one possibility. That way gamblers can bet, for example, the vertical that includes 3-36 and 8 red numbers with three chips (one on Red and one on the column 1-34 and 2-35). Also, one can pick numbers from 18 to 36 and place another amount on Low. If the ball stops on low, you won the money. If the ball lands higher, then there is still a good chance that it will hit the right number.

The Online Science Behind the Wheel

No method will guarantee the profit, but roulette fanatics found sets of strategies claiming they can make a positive effect on the bank account. Just some of them are shown in the table below:

The Magic 8 This is one of the most famous strategies, and it is quite simple to understand. Generally, all a gambler should do is to follow the previous numbers and use the 98% likelihood that they are going to repeat after eight rounds with some rules. Avoid this with more than 9 numbers in line;
The Martingale Basically here one should double up the bet after losing and lower it to the possible minimum after winning the round. It is recommended for tables that provide low minimum stakes;
The Fibonacci This sequence by Leonardo Pisano stands for a series of numbers where every number is the sum of the two previous ones (1,1,2,3,5,8, etc.). In the roulette that means bettor goes one step forward when winning and two backward when losing a round;
D’Alembert According to famous French mathematician, the way to fool the wheel is to increase the picked number by one when winning and decrease it by one when losing.

Never underestimate the power of the casino when it comes to strategies. The public secret is that the house always wins. However, the right timing is what brings cash. When to start, when to stop, when to play rough. There are a couple of very important tips if you decide to play by using some of the previously mentioned tactics.

First of all, do not be impatient and change the strategy in the middle of the game. This is a newbie mistake. Make sure the method is right for the specific roulette type. Watch out for the key tactics, read about the topic, explore the specific game. Choose the model that suits the wallet, risk-willingness and goals.

If you love the unique game style, try out the Double Ball Roulette, or the Classic one if you hold to a traditional frame. In the end, before starting, study the rules and be confident about the requirements. That way you will be able to follow the fast rhythm of the rounds and choose the best strategy for optimal results.

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