Table Games

Casino table games are everything you want from that real, classic casino feeling. From the roll of the dice to flip of the cards, casino table games are what you’re looking for when you want to reach that real experience of gambling. Some table games can rely heavily on luck, while others rely on skills. To get the most out of your gaming session, you can try many different versions that can alter in style or mechanics. It’s all up to you to decide what options you enjoy most and what you like to play.

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Table Games

What Are Table Games?

Table games are about simulating real gambling through various tables of games. They are used to describe simple games of chance. The main objective here is for you to place a bet and see what the results show through a variety of different methods. This can be from revealing the specific number on a card or landing on a space that you have placed a bet on. While these first appeared in real-life casinos, they then have been moved online in order to take precedent in the online gambling industry. Only the rules may slightly differ.

In terms of legality using the gambling commission, table games can also work slightly differently. An online gambling platform may allow slot machines to appear, but a casino table is an entirely different story. This is because of the way the rules work and what the gambling commission will allow. Table games may be more susceptible to cheating than with a slot machine. Strategies such as counting cards or other mathematical anomalies may be used to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Land-based casinos can especially fall to this since they are regularly led by hosts, who are real people that could run the risk of being tricked. The gambling commission will run separate tests to see if they are safe or not.

This further adds to the commitment of fair treatment among players. Most popular casino table games are almost always a multiplayer experience. More than two people will be placing bets on the same table. In some games, they will be competing for a pot that they have bet in and must win with the result they are looking for. Options like poker and blackjack will always have a competitive feel while roulette wheels will be playing to win from the dealer pot.

How to Play Casino Table Games?

Here are a few steps to take when dealing with such variants. The first thing is that each kind of game is different, so make sure to follow the casino table games rules for the one you are playing. If you want to practise with free online casino table games, these can be found on the respective casino’s website. Otherwise, you can find free casino table games on review sites as well. Secondly, make sure that the casino table is safe to play and has been authorised by a gambling commission. Lastly, gather whoever you want to play with or if you wish to play with random strangers, simply join any of the games currently with a space.

The first thing you need to know about is the Host or Hostess. A host is the man or woman in charge of such games. They are behind the casino table, organizing the cards, dice or wheels and dealing out the rules of the game. They are in control of the game at all times and follow the rules to reveal who wins the game. These are trustworthy professionals that are given extensive background checks to know that they obey the law. They are also the ones to make sure that players aren’t cheating themselves.

To partake in such games in an online casino, you must first register with that gambling website and update your financial information. While in live-action casinos, you will use real cash to trade in for chips, online gameplay will utilise digital deposits to bet your money. Simply make a deposit on any casino table and then let the game begin to play. You may even receive a bonus from the gambling website you’re registering with. Some of them will let you play with an extended cashback service or more.

Top Casino Table Games List

Here is a compiled list of all the kinds of plays you can have at a casino table. Best examples include three-card games, two-card ones, card poker, roulette, poker card games and many others. This list will detail the different variations that belong to different categories as well. For example, card games come in two-card or three-card variations, mainly with card poker. Here are the most popular options to play:


The game is about spinning a wheel to see where it lands. Guess correctly, and you will win the prize.

  • European Roulette – 37 numbers from 0 to 36. Not the best casino table games odds but not the worst.
  • American Roulette – Same as the former but with the addition of the 00 number, adding extra odds to the casino table.
  • French Roulette – If you lose on the number 0, you will receive half of what you bet instead.


Get to 21 with your numbered cards to win. Go two-cards over 21, and you bust.

  • European Blackjack – Traditional game with one difference. No hole card is dealt until the player acts.
  • Double Attack Blackjack – Available in select casinos. Doesn’t use any 10’s in it.
  • Super Fun 21 – Players can use single or double decks. Meaning they can double down on any number of cards.

Card Poker

Play card games to gain combinations in these casino poker table games. Gain a specific set to win the betting pool.

  • Texas Hold’em – The most popular card game. Compare two cards with the community three cards.
  • 7-Card Stud – Popular among UK casino table games. Uses seven cards to gain combinations instead.
  • 5 Card Draw – Players must take the highest-ranked card in a 5-card poker hand, instead of two-card or three-card hands.

There are many more than just shown on this list. Baccarat, Craps and others can all be found in hundreds of online casinos. So, find the right game for you.