Fruit machines

Fruit machines also known as the fruit slots are the closest in feature to the very first slot machine. These slot machines are most popular in the UK where you can find them on every corner, literary. The fruit machine has the characteristics of a classic slot machine with 3 reels and one payline, although there are more modern versions with 5 reels and a varying number of paylines.

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Fruit machines

The fruit machines have fruits for symbols. Most common of the symbols are cherries, lemons, melons grapes, and oranges. Other common symbols are the Bar symbols, bells and the red number 7. Besides the fruits which are the most dominant characteristics of the online fruit machine, there are other features that make it quite unique.

Features Unique to Fruit Machines

While playing the fruit machines is quite similar to playing the other slot machines, there are features that are unique to fruit machines online. These features include the cash ladder; the bonus trail; the Hi Lo Bonus, the “nudge” feature and the “hold” feature. The functionalities of these features are as follows:

  • The cash ladder.This is a ladder found on one side of the machine. The ladder has different values indicated on it. When playing, a flash light will pass across the ladder at high speeds. If you manage to stop it in time, and on a cash value, you will automatically win that amount. In other cases, the flashlight moves systematically and you need not stop it. Wherever it stops, win the amount indicated. The flash light does not move systematically and while you wish it moves up the ladder to increase the amounts you will receive, sometimes it will move down to smaller cash values.
  • Bonus Trail/BoardThis is a grid found on the interface of the gaming machine. The grid has different things indicated on it including multipliers, nudges and the gamble option. The grid lights up on the different components and if you press stop, the light will stop on one square and you will be awarded whatever is indicated on the square.
  • Hi Lo BonusThis is the gamble option. The catch is to decide whether the value of the card facing down is higher, or lower than that of the card facing up. If you get the correct answer, you will double your earnings. If you pick the wrong option, then you lose your earnings.
  • Nudge ButtonThere are different nudge buttons for different reels. Once you have played a game and you would like to move a symbol one or two steps down on a specific reel, the nudge button on that reel will help move the symbol. The intention here to create winning combinations on the winning reel.
  • Hold ButtonThis button is also indicated at the bottom of every reel on the gaming interface. When you press this button, the symbols on that reel will not move when you press spin. This is also meant to help create winning combinations. You hold a symbol in place with the hope that the ones that will stop on the winning reel are going to create winning combinations.
  • Free Fruit SlotsIf you are not huge on gambling with real money, worry not. There are free fruit machines in some casino. There, you can enjoy the entertainment and fun from the games without investing a dime of your money on those. If you look well enough, there are even opportunities where you can play free fruit machines online and win some real money. This is possible in casinos that offer no deposit bonuses and login bonuses.
  • Progressive JackpotOnline fruits machines just keep getting better. Yes, you can play a fruit machine online and the jackpot of this game will keep increasing with every game played. This will keep going until somebody wins the jackpot. Then it will reset. How amazing would it be if you are the one on that end of this progressive jackpot? And you could be!

Some of Best Fruit Machines

So, which fruits machines do we think you should give a try? Well, the list we are about to give is from our perspective (which we think very highly of) of the best fruit machines online.

  • Mocha Orange slot
  • Cherry Red slot
  • Lucky Barstard slot

While these slots may seem too simple and kinda boring in comparison to the more modern video slots, our advice would be that you don’t disregard them so fast. These slots are capable of delivering some huge wins with their jackpots. The bonus features on the games also go a long way in making this sport interesting and a fun sport. The fewer paylines also means that your chances of winning increase significantly. If the rumors are true, then you can actually master ways of increasing your wins with the bonus features.

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