Progressive slots

You must have come across a casino whose interface has a huge meter at the top with huge numbers that keep changing as they increase.

The amount is usually in thousands and in some instances, huge million sums keep increasing progressively. The meter is labeled “jackpot”. If you have, then you are in a casino or game that has a progressive jackpot.

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progressive slots

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

This is a stake whose amount keeps increasing every time someone plays a game on the slot’s interface. Whenever a punter makes payment to play any progressive slots game, a percentage of the amount wagered is deducted and transferred to the stake.

You may not notice this because the casino has put in place measures to ensure that the way they pay the payouts doesn’t show deduction. That said, gaming machines with this stake usually have lower payout percentages than their counterparts without the huge prizes.

Types of Progressive Slots

There are 3 types of online progressive slots.

  • Stand Alone Slots. These games are not linked to other games and the jackpot amount is deducted from the wager played directly into that gaming machine. A percentage of the quantity wagered is usually deducted to add to the jackpot of that slot. The stake amount is usually lower than that of linked machines.
  • Proprietary. Machines of one casino are linked together and percentages of amounts wagered on the different slots in the casino are deducted to help grow the jackpot. The amount here is substantial compared to the stand alone slot.
  • Wide Area. The amount of the jackpot in this scenario is in the millions. Here slots from different casinos are linked together by one body that is not necessarily the provider of the software. Megabucks is an example of the Wide area progressive slot online.

How often do Progressive Jackpots Hit

The chances of you hitting the stakes with these gaming machines are 1 in 50,000,000. The frequency of the hits is even lower. It takes months, sometimes years, before there is a hit at the jackpots.

Progressive Slot Machine Strategy

In order to truly get a chance at the jackpot, you will need to place a maximum bet. You can not play progressive slot for free online and win the kitty. If you play with less than the maximum bet and you hit at the combination that will give you the huge prizes, then you will only be able to take a percentage of the amount and not all of it.

The progressive slot machine tips, therefore, are that you should not play for the huge jackpot all the time because you will lose your bankroll before you can enjoy a game.

The jackpots are not ones to be taken on every time. It is better off to play with the smaller payouts and gain some profits albeit small. On the days where you are feeling lucky, play for the jackpot, but use the maximum bet amount.

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