The James Bond Roulette Strategy

With a simple internet search, you can reach many roulette strategies. However, if you are playing with real money, it is important that you know which strategies work and which do not. You can access the main page of our “Roulette Strategies” by clicking here. In this article, we will talk about another very popular system: the James Bond Strategy.

The famous double 0 agent Mr Bond actually likes baccarat and poker: He is not a roulette player at heart. But if you have watched the Casino Royale movie, you may have noticed that Bond plays roulette for a short period of time and uses a unique system. So if you’re wondering the source of this strategy, it comes directly from a Hollywood movie. This should give you an idea of ​​how valid it is. There is a difference between movies and the real world! Nonetheless, many players, especially UK players like this tactic and think it is one of the best strategies around. Let’s examine the strategy and whether it works or not.

How James Bond’s Strategy Works- Exclusive Refinements

This is a flat betting system. So you do not have to increase your bets with each round. In this respect, it differs from the Martingale strategy. The James Bond system simply covers as much of the wheel as possible. There are 37 numbers on a roulette wheel, and even if it possible to place a bet for each number, this is not practical: You will go bankrupt very quickly. However, there are betting options that include a certain range of numbers. So with a single bet, you can bet on more than one number. The James Bond system is based on this logic. You can cover 64% of the wheel by placing 3 bets. In other words, your chance of winning is 64% for each round. This is a high rate, isn’t it? You can use this tactic in online games or land-based casinos. Let’s give an example.

You need an even bet for this system. Let’s assume you start with £20. Most guides advise you to start with a minimum of £100, but you can use any number, as long as it is even. (Although, it should be at least £20 since it will be split into multiple parts.) Divide your bet into three parts: 1, 5 and 14 GBP:

  • Place £1 to the “zero” bet. This is your insurance.
  • Place £5 on the “2nd 12” (13-18) bet.
  • Place £14 to the “19-36” (high) bet.

You’re ready to play. You simply placed a bet for all numbers between 13 and 36. In other words, your bets cover 3/4 of the wheel. The colour is not important, you will win if the result is a number in this range. So, how much will you earn?

If the outcome is: You will win (net profit):
Between 13-18 £10
Between 19-36 £8
0 £16

Sounds good, right? The odds are very high, so your chances of winning are high too. The James Bond roulette system recommends that you stop playing as soon as you make a profit. But, what are you going to do if you don’t win? There are two points of view in this regard because Mr Bond never loses in the movies. In one opinion, you have to apply the Martingale system to double your bet amounts for the next round. Another opinion says you have to keep betting the same amount. However, there is one thing both opinions are in agreement: Continue to bet on the same options, you will eventually win. Mr Bond always wins, right?

The Efficiency of James Bond Roulette Strategy

Have you heard the term “gambler’s fallacy” before? This term is used to describe a “psychological” belief, not a mathematical one. Imagine that you play the heads/tails game: If the outcome is tails for 10 times, it is more likely that the heads will come up next, right? So this is the time to make a high bet on this option because your chances of winning have increased. Take my money and make me rich good sir, I have cracked the system! The problem is, the real world does not work that way. All probabilities are re-calculated every time. So the probability of a particular outcome is not increasing or decreasing. Even if the outcome is tails for 10 times, the probability of the eleventh spin is still the same: 50%. But people tend to believe psychologically on the contrary. Many roulette strategies, including the James Bond system, are based on this unfounded belief.

Let’s be clear, the James Bond system is completely useless. This betting system “forgets” the numbers from 1 to 12. So even if it covers 64% of the wheel, there is still an “open” area of 36%. Mathematically, there is a high probability that a number entering this uncovered area will be the outcome. So you are just fooling yourself: Your luck does not actually increase. All you do is placing 3 different bets. Mathematical calculations show that you will lose at least 20 pounds per 37 rounds. So even if you make a profit, you will lose it in the long run. James Bond is a very risky system because it also ignores the fact that if you do not make a profit after reaching the table limits, there is nothing you can do. Losing a few rounds repeatedly may cause your entire budget to run out.

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