High Stakes Roulette

High-stakes roulette has been popular in the gambling community since the early ages of the industry. Since the entry of online casinos, the bet limits have climbed to another level with the added comfort of unlimited access.

Playing roulette games with high limits comes with the task of selecting an ideal table since most of them usually have regular or low maximum bets. This article compiles everything there is to know about the roulette category to ease the task of scouting the web for an ideal choice.


What is high stakes roulette?

High stakes roulette is the perfect solution for gamblers looking to place significant bets during gameplay. The games in this category accept wagers ranging even higher than 100,000 pounds, which is popular with VIP gamers. The table game follows similar rules to usual roulette games that take regular bets. Players have to choose a pocket in which they think the ball will land in on the rotating disk. The winning and payouts odds also remain the same, but the awarded wins grow drastically.

Why play high stakes roulette games?

Playing high stakes roulette is popular because of some reasons. The first one is the accommodation of high limit bets. With high wagers that range in the tens of thousands, players can land massive wins, even in a single spin. For instance, a single winning wager of 100,000 pounds on an even-money bet, which has the lowest payout odds, awards double the amount. Also, roulette is among the few games that can use strategy to exploit the odds and make them favourable. Some forms of high stakes roulette are also accessible in free to play versions, which offer the thrill of high-risk gambling without putting any real money on the line.

What strategy should be used in high stakes roulette online?

Like with other roulette online games, high stakes roulette winnings depend on luck. Some strategies can be used to make the best out of the set’s fixed odds. The most popular approach is the Martingale Strategy, which requires one to place even-money bets and double the wager amount after a loss. Another popular option is the Fibonacci Strategy, which is based on the math model of the same name. Using this approach, players have to increase bets according to the numbers on the sequence. Other high stakes roulette strategies include Reverse Martingale, D’Albert, and James Bond.

Do live roulette games have higher maximum bets?

Yes, they do. The record for the highest maximum bet limit is held by Live Casino which accepts up to 500,000 pounds. This amount is astronomical, to say the least, considering the regular online roulette table has an average maximum stake limit of 2000 pounds.

Which casino offers the best bonuses and promotions for high rollers?

The bonuses for high roller players vary from one casino to another. 888 Casino has one of the best incentives for high rollers with a welcome bonus package that awards up to 1500 pounds over the initial five deposits. The first cash-in triggers up to 100 pounds in a 100% matchup while the other four earn 350 pounds in 30% matchups. Each deposit offer requires a promo code to activate.
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